Small to mid-sized companies in America under stress or distress rarely get quality solutions. Why?…

[1] Large advisory firms usually focus on… large firms;
[2] Corporate restructuring firms are usually called upon… at the last resort (to prepare for bankruptcy or wind down);
[3] Operational turnaround firms often come with a sledgehammer… when just a mallet and a pair of pliers is needed;
[4] There’s also a level of frustration and skepticism w/ advisors who cost too much and take too long to create results.

At Valley Forge Capital Advisors (VFCA), we see massively missed opportunities to help small to mid-sized companies undergoing operating or financial challenges.

At VFCA, we have a different solution set for small to mid-sized companies under challenge or stress to get them back on track: hyper-accelerated investment banking type solutions (capital raising, M&A, etc.), quick operational pivots or adjustments, and light CRO (chief restructuring officer) solutions.

We’ve run companies that have gone from 100 people to 10. We triage a distressed situation like an ER physician. We can handle a range of diverse industries. We operate under highly compressed timeframes and understand insolvency tactics and considerations. No challenge is too high. No stress is too intense.

At VFCA, we will fight to solutions like Navy Seals, have the guts to say what’s right but unpopular, and have fun while the going gets tough. Contact us any time or book an appointment.